Ventilation Systems

Ventilation Systems

We offer our customers to design and manufacture reliable ventilation systems. They are perfect for ventilation of public buildings, commercial premises, plants and industrial halls, warehouses, as well as utility buildings. In addition, we modify the systems as desired – we also equip them with a speed controller.

Ventilation Systems Gdańsk, Tczew and Gdynia – what do we offer?

Ventilation systems are a guarantee of safe and healthy staying indoors. They ensure proper air circulation, replacing it with fresh air.
Our company specializes in

  • smoke removal (multi-storey garages, staircases, production plants, workstations, social rooms),
  • aeration of buildings (public buildings, offices, banks, customer service rooms),
  • continuous air exchange (hotels, hospitals, feasts, cinemas).

Why choose NEW KLIMA ventilation services?

Filtered air from outside has a huge impact on comfort. All the more so in plants and offices where people spend at least 40 hours a week.

In fact, most people spend up to 90% of the day indoors! Our ventilation systems not only provide fresh air, but also eliminate harmful substances and agents emitted by equipment and microorganisms, allergens or fungal spores.

We design and manufacture top quality ventilation systems. This is a huge advantage, such as:

  • fresh air supply to the room,
  • elimination of all impurities and harmful substances,
  • No mold, which is caused by broken ventilation,
  • quiet and efficient operation of systems,
  • Favourable prices for the systems.

We invite you to cooperation!

We operate in Tczew, Gdańsk and Gdynia.

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