Heat pumps

Do you want to reduce your heating expenses by up to 70%? Invest in a modern heat pump that is not only energy-efficient, but also ecological and virtually maintenance-free. We offer:

  • sale,
  • assembly,
  • and service heat pumps from renowned manufacturers such as Vissmann, Daikin, Midea and Neoheat.

These brands have been operating on the market for many years (for example Vissmann for over 100 years) and practice environmentally friendly solutions in the field of heating houses, apartments, industrial and service facilities.

With NEW KLIMA you can install a heat pump in both modernized and new buildings. We help in the selection of the device, and we adjust it to the specific heating needs. Thanks to this, you gain an economical and ecological form of heating and obtaining domestic hot water throughout the year. A properly used heat pump will serve you for over 50 years!

Sale, installation and service of heat pumps in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Tczew and the surrounding area – what will you gain?

Installation of a heat pump is an ideal option for anyone who values ​​energy-saving and ecological devices. By choosing this form of heat generation, you not only reduce expenses to a minimum, but also contribute to care for the natural environment. Compared to conventional boilers, the pump reduces CO2 emissions by about 20%!

Good heat pumps enable air conditioning of facilities as well as maintaining the preferred temperature (including water) at any time of the year. All this is due to the system that takes solar energy and converts it into energy for its own use. The heat pump is practically maintenance-free, so it will be perfect for industrial buildings.

The installation of the heat pump increases safety – the device works without flammable fuel. Quiet and trouble-free, it allows you to resign from building a gas connection, fuel store or boiler room. So, choose a future-proof heating solution today and contact us for the selection and installation of a heat pump from manufacturers such as Vissmann, Daikin, Midea and Neoheat!

Installation of a heat pump in Gdańsk and its vicinity with NEW KLIMA

We provide advice on the selection of the appropriate device in accordance with the customer’s needs. We provide reliable heat pump installation in accordance with the required standards. We also service heat pumps – our qualified authorized specialists know every part of this complex device. Almost 2/3 of the building maintenance costs are related to its heating. Now reduce them to a minimum – contact us and choose a modern heat pump!

We operate in Tczew, Gdańsk and Gdynia.

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