Home air-conditioning

Home air-conditioning

We offer air conditioners of the type:

  • wall type,
  • of the ceiling,
  • of a skirt,
  • of a coffer,
  • and the sewer.

We will be happy to help you tailor a specific device to your needs, taking all necessary factors into account.


Home air conditioning in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Tczew – why is it necessary?

Comfort air conditioners can be described as one of the most important words – versatility. Above all, they act as cooling devices that provide optimum temperature, but have many other useful functions.

First of all, a comfort air conditioner heats the air, humidifies or dries it, and cleanses it of harmful pollutants – including pollen, fungus, smoke and mould that are dangerous to allergy sufferers. Our equipment effectively regulates room temperature and humidity. In this way, comfort is increased several times, and what is important, you take care of your health and other people in the environment. Air conditioning provides:

  • any air temperature, recommended in summer in the range 23-26 °C, and in winter 20-24 °C,
  • relative air humidity not exceeding 60% and not less than 40%,
  • air velocity greater than 0,2 m/s but less than 0,5 m/s.

In our comfort air conditioning, we use refrigerants that increase efficiency and productivity. They are used in every facility, and are most valued by owners of offices, apartments, conference rooms, clinics, hairdressing salons, shops, hotels and spas.

Air conditioning of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Tczew – why is it necessary?

In addition to the equipment and A/C installation, we also offer full warranty and post-warranty service, including periodic inspections.

Maintenance and service inspections of air conditioners are recommended twice a year, preferably in March/April and August. However, their frequency depends on many aspects, including the degree of environmental pollution. This is necessary for health reasons, for the proper operation of the system and for maintaining the warranty.

Air conditioning service includes:

  • Vaporizer degassing,
  • cleaning filters and fans,
  • cleaning the indoor and outdoor units,
  • leakage control, pressure measurement,
  • control of the condensate drainability,
  • measuring the supply air temperature.

We operate in Tczew, Gdańsk and Gdynia.

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