Do you know that the cost of lighting a facility is up to 80% of the electricity bill? Therefore, to reduce expenses to a minimum, it is worth investing in ecological and energy-saving LED industrial lighting. You can find them with us! We sell and install LED industrial lamps in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Tczew, which are intended for:

  • workplaces,
  • production halls,
  • warehouse halls,
  • shops,
  • workshops,
  • factories,
  • and other industrial facilities.

Our clients receive industrial LED lighting from renowned brands. We offer LED lighting with automatic control from manufacturers:

  • Lumilita,
  • Philips,
  • Osram.

Why is it worth equipping your facility with modern LED lamps?

LED industrial lighting in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Tczew – what will you gain?

Good LED lamps work up to 50,000 hours, while ordinary lighting only about 1000 hours. In addition, in conventional incandescent lamps only 5% of the electricity is converted into light, the rest is released as heat. Industrial LED lighting, on the other hand, has an efficiency of 80-90%. In summary, LED lamps are about twenty times more economical than traditional ones!

That is why we offer our clients modern LED industrial lighting, which will significantly reduce costs related to electricity consumption. Big savings are not everything! Energy-saving industrial lamps have a positive effect on the well-being of employees and their efficiency. LED lighting is safer for eyesight as it protects against high brightness and flickering.

Good industrial LED lighting can be installed in places where traditional lamps will not work properly. This is especially true of dusty or damp rooms with low temperatures, such as cold stores. LED lamps are also less harmful to the environment because LED technology does not use mercury, which translates into minimal greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, order modern industrial lighting from us today!

LED industrial lighting with NEW KLIMA

We offer modern industrial LED lighting of various power, luminaires and sizes, which will be perfect for any public facility inside and outside – regardless of environmental conditions. We are an authorized distributor and service center of LUMILITA, we also sell LED industrial lamps from global brands – PHILIPS and OSRAM.

By ordering energy-saving industrial lamps for production halls, workplaces and shops from us, you get an effective, efficient and long-lasting product. We not only help you choose lighting, but also install it from scratch.

Equip your production, warehouse, office, commercial, logistics centers and other facilities with energy-saving LED lighting for the 21st century!

We operate in Tczew, Gdańsk and Gdynia.

and all of Poland! Contact us today and book an appointment!



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